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The Optalign® IR (Invisible Beam) Laser Shaft Alignment system was invented by Prüftechnik AG to fill that need and is distributed in the US by Ludeca, Inc. Class II lasers comply with the requirements outlined in the USA&39;s FDA specification 21 CFR Ch. Clear step-by-step instructions and easy alignment workflow. Optalign Smart yields precision laser alignment with a twist. Align machines to within specified tolerances Offset (mm) Machines measured 0,00 – 0,05 7% acceptable alignment 0,06 – 0,10 10% out of tolerance 0,11 – 0,20 23% out of tolerance 0,21 – 0,50 31% out of tolerance 0,51 – 1,00 18% out of tolerance.

with OPTALIGN® smart RS5 technology Faster and smarter shaft alignment The power of precision shaft alignment Monitor the machine corrections concurrently in both horizontal and verti-cal directions with laser and sensor mounted at any angular position on the shaft. It gives you the expertise of thou-sands of alignment professionals who have contributed their sug-gestions and ideas based upon the demands of the real world. 0) software is the only system that can track the ALIGNMENT CONDITION OF INDIVIDUAL ASSETS OVER TIME. Page 5 Information regarding the battery status, the rotational angle, the temperature and the serial number of the sensALIGN laser are transmitted through the laser beam into sensALIGN sensor. The year marks an exceptional silver jubilee for PRÜFTECHNIK. The system has been designed for industrial applications and can be used in extreme maintenance working conditions. Pruftechnik OPTALIGN® PLUS Series offers both precision alignment and timesaving convenience of laser based systems.

How to align shafts with OPTALIGN smart RS5. The Class 2 laser beam is emitted with a diameter of approx. OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 03. OPTALIGN PLUS Operating Instructions 07. Maximum separatio.

Training for laser shaft alignment with our tools is scheduled throughout the year at our Miami, Florida training center, or can be scheduled on-site at your facilities. The power of precision shaft alignment OPTALIGN ® smart RS5 is packed with powerful functions for the alignment of horizontal, vertical and flange-mounted machines. &39;4-feet&39; machines that are mounted vertically. MASTERLIGN Basic and MASTERLIGN II set a new standard in entry-level laser alignment technology.

OPTALIGN touch by PRUFTECHNIK is the device of choice for simple, fast and daily alignment jobs – a device suited for every maintenance workshop and service team! OPTALIGN® PLUS Series of-fers both precision alignment and timesaving convenience of laser-based systems. The alignment trend complements the vibration-based condition monitoring parameters to help track and diagnose the change in machine condition. Laser shaft alignment is the most efficient way to align machine shafts. Box 0158 • Wingate, NC• FaxE-mail: The calibration accuracy of Pruftechnik systems like OPTALIGN® and ROTALIGN® (except INCLINEO®) should be checked every two years as indicated by the colored label (shown at top) located on the back of the laser housing (alignment tools) or instrument (vibration tools) or by the warning message that appears on the instrument’s display 4. sensALIGN laser is turned on by pressing and holding the On/Off switch briefly. Except links below.

In past decades, as illustrated in Figure 2, each type of alignment system required a different level of skill to do the job. 3 keys to precision alignment The main function keys allow a quick. With ROTALIGN® touch, alignment trend is fully integrated into your asset management and condition-based mainte-nance programs. In PRUFTECHNIK’s own “Live Move” function of ROTALIGN ® and OPTALIGN®, the alignment result can be tracked at any time in real time (i. It can even compute thermal growth for you. It is an advanced measurement system for alignment of horizontal and vertical/flange mounted rotating machinery.

Adaptive alignment uses single-laser technology and Active Situational Intelligence to adapt to the asset, the situation, and the maintenance team. The laser and sensor remain mounted to monitor the alignment process. Net Pruftechnik Rotalign Pro Laser Alignment System Cosmetically, there is dust and scratches; but the unit does turn on - screen and buttons seem to. The Ex-approved XT550 system is developed for hazardous areas and is easily operated through our XT Alignment app. It gives you the benefits of a dynamic laser shaft alignment system without stretching the budget. The Pruftechnik ROTALIGN Pro Laser Shaft Alignment Tool lets you align machine trains of up to six machines, calculating which machine feet to move in order to reduce work to a minimum.

LASER SHAFT ALIGNMENT TOOLS. Aligns horizontal and vertical machines, and aligns coupled and uncoupled shafts equally well. OPTALIGN® smart – Precision laser alignment with a twist.

Laser based rotating shaft alignment system. Based on the award winning design of our OPTALIGN PLUS these two systems offer a fast, reliable and accurate laser alignment technology at very attractive prices. 1 product rating - Pruftechnik ALI 2. OPTALIGN® PLUS Series is a concept that allows you to design your own device by acquiring the exact features you need.

Please email us or call us atand we will gladly assist you. Access Free Rotalign Pro Alignment Manual sensor eliminates need for readings at clock positions. Pruftechnik OPTALIGN Touch laser-optical alignment tools are ideal for simple, fast and daily alignment jobs on a variety of rotating machinery such as pumps, motors, gearboxes and compressors.

Tighten anchor bolts and check alignment by taking another set of measurements and viewing results. Laser safety OPTALIGN PLUS system uses a Class II laser beam. The interface is accessible to every skill level of operator as the touchscreen computer guides users intuitively through the measurement program. OPTALIGN® PLUS frees you from limitations imposed by restricted measurement positions: its patent-ed EZ-Sweep® method lets you measure alignment in seconds sim-.

Operating Manual - Optalign - Laser Alignment Tool System - 08/89 (E4502) Pre-Owned. 050VP AG Optalign Laser Shaft Alignment. Turn shaft to any 45° position and then center the laser beam and start live MOVE by pressing E Loosen base bolts and move optalign laser alignment manual machine following the alignment values in real-time and the smiley on the display. This page is temporarily out of order.

Operating Instructions and OPTALIGN® PLUS Voelzow & Company, Inc. OPTALIGN® PLUS Series Laser alignment customized to your needs INNOVATIVE MODULAR CONCEPT From the Inventors of Laser Shaft Alignment Your local contact —Norm Voelzow Voelzow & Company, Inc. From the basics to the most advanced applications, all aspects of laser shaft alignment are covered in depth. Optalign Smart RS5 is the newer generation on Optalign Systems, its RS5 sensor contains two XL HD position-sensitive detectors and a MEMS inclinometer to precisely measure the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated. Performing a manual alignment with a straight edge took exceptional talent. Further functions : Measurement Modes Static (0369) measurement mode This mode is ideal for: comparison with dial gauges and with the original OPTALIGN uncoupled shafts non-rotatable shafts - see page 4-14. It not only measures soft foot but also analyzes it and suggests corrective action. 11 as well as the ANSI standard.

With this exclusive and. The laser shaft alignment tool for every workshop OPTALIGN touch was designed by some of the world’s leading alignment experts to solve problems in the easiest way possible. Precise shaft alignment pays. ROTALIGN smart RS5 EX is the laser shaft alignment system for standard tasks including soft foot check in potentially explosive areas (ATEX/IECEx Zone 1 certified). Featuring the unique sensALIGN 5 laser and sensor heads, it enables powerful, fast, and efficient ways to align machine shafts. Intuitive operation, ergonomic design, and a wide range of features make Optalign Smart optalign laser alignment manual a calle. optalign laser alignment manual of laser-optical shaft alignment. ROTALIGN smart RS5 EX usability and user guidance make alignment easy.

Alignment Manual the Pruftechnik Rotalign Ultra Laser Shaft Alignment System Crash Course: Soft Foot Checks and Corrections All-in-one laser machine alignment with ROTALIGN Ultra by PRUFTECHNIK How to align cardan shafts with ROTALIGN Ultra iS by PRUFTECHNIK Rotalign Ultra iS uncoupled turbine alignment Bore alignment on a screw press using the. Discover the optalign benefits of OPTALIGN smart RS5. Predictive & Proactive Maintenance Solutions including laser alignment, ultrasound, vibration analysis, induction heating, balancing equipment, rentals, services. the exact position of the laser beam as the shafts are rotated. The power of precision shaft alignment Laser / Sensor The OPTALIGN® smart measurement RS5 principle is based on the patented single la-ser beam technology which uses one laser and a sensor including two biaxial position detectors and an electronic inclinometer. The PRUFTECHNIK ALI Dial alignment tool circa 1982 versus the PRUFTECHNIK OPTALIGN laser alignment tool introduced in 1984. The system offers high-performance alignment features to perform shaft alignment with minimal time and resources.

Optalign Smart RS5 3 keys to precision alignment allows a quick switch between the main functions during the. ROTALIGN touch in combination with the Alignment Reliability Center 4. Everyone can use this alignment tool due to the intuitive guidance of the alignment procedure. We are able to look back with sustained pride at 25 years of laser shaft alignment. Box 0158 • Wingate, NC• Fax. It gives you the benefits of a dynamic laser shaft alignment system without stretch-ing the budget. of laser-optical shaft alignment. Well aligned couplings reduce bearing and seal damage, minimize energy loss, and reduce production down-time.

Since all braking device are activated, the shaft cover can still re-main opened. OPTALIGN PLUS also fulfills British standard BS 4803 (Part 1 to Part 3) and European Industrial Standard IEC 825. First produced in 1984, the Optalign® IR was the world&39;s first production Laser system designed solely for shaft alignment and the name Optalign® came to mean the same as "Professional Alignment".

Laser alignment tool for the smart factory A new way to align ROTALIGN ® touch optalign laser alignment manual is the first cloud-enabled touchscreen laser shaft alignment system with integrated mobile connec - tivity. Computer The OPTALIGN® smart RS5 computer fea-. Shaft alignment in potentially explosive areas. ‘live’) until the alignment targets are met.

Using an adaptive alignment system instead of conventional tools saves you time and money, increases machine availability, prolongs service life and maintenance intervals, and lowers power consumption.

Optalign laser alignment manual

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